Pedro E Guerrero

Pedro with nude Pedro writing

Here are two photos of Pedro E. Guerrero from a roll of film I shot with my Hasselblad a few years ago. I was buying a few photos from Pedro and I decided that I needed one of his academic photos. I chose the nude that he is holding. He told me that this very mounted print was from his portfolio that he took to show Frank Lloyd Wright the first time they met in 1939. He said that Mr Wright held this very print in his hands. I said that that was an amazing story and I’m sure no one would believe me. Pedro turned the image over and wrote that story on the back and signed it again. With that kind gesture Pedro transformed a good photograph into something with historic significance. At the time I got chills understanding what had just happened. I do miss my friend Pedro. Photos by Daniel Swadener

photography, fine art, ceramics, African art, collecting and history